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Singleton places your convenience above everyrhing else. And therefore, we take several measures to ensure your lifestyle is as smooth and satisfactory as possible in our homes. We strive to make your life easy and simple while at home. Home automation, sound security, safety measures in and around your home and ample of amenities let you enjoy all the benefits of a hassle free life.

Commercial/Daily Needs Store                       Commercial/Daily Needs Store
Gas Bank & Piped Line           Gas Bank & Piped Line
Music System with Public Address               Music System with Public Address
Lobby with Waiting Area                Lobby with Waiting Area
Vertical Transport System   Vertical Transport System
Staircase for Emergency       Staircase for Emergency
Refuge Area Refuge Area
Lockers at Clubhouse Lockers at Clubhouse
          	ATM Centre              ATM Centre
Wi-Fi in Campus Wi-Fi in Campus
Water Distribution Management Water Distribution Management
Electrical Chute Management     Electrical Chute Management
Refreshment Zone          	          Refreshment Zone
User Friendly Signages           	          User Friendly Signages